Friday, July 31, 2020

Zephyr Minerals - July 31, 2020 Interview with CEO & President Loren Komperdo [TSXV: ZFR][OTC:ZPHYF]

Interview with Loren Komperdo, CEO & President of Zephyr Minerals - Recorded on July 31st, 2020:

Interview Contents & Questions

[0:12] Zephyr is preparing to drill the El Plomo section of its’ Dawson-Green Mountain Property in Colorado. What type of deposit does the company hope to discover?

[1:04] What are some of the key characteristics of the El Plomo section that make it similar to a Broken Hill Type deposit?

[2:40] The company will drill its first holes near historically drilled GC8 and GC9, what evidence is there that a mineralized deposit may sit just underneath those holes?

[4:18] The company is showing an interpreted fold and is planning to drill into this fold – can you explain why this is important?

[5:33] GC8 and GC9 are shown to have mineralized intercepts that either had Zinc or Lead+Silver, but not Zinc, Lead and Silver together. Would this be expected in a Broken Hill type deposit?

[6:16] Mapping was done in 1988 on the El Plomo section which identified 35 prospects along the entire trend. What was found in these prospects and do you believe they could be related to the Broken Hill type target underneath?

[7:42] The 3D Inversion model shows multiple targets at GC8/9, the mid-section and GC1/2. Could a Broken Hill type target form multiple deposits across several kilometers?

[9:03] Could you give us an update on drilling preparations and when you think the company will start drilling? How long do you expect it would take for the company to drill the first couple holes at GC8 and GC9?

[10:21] Would you be able to visually identify if you’ve “hit” a Broken Hill type deposit on the first few drill holes?

[11:08] Upon a discovery, what would the company’s next steps be?

[12:00] The company also owns the Green Mountain and Dawson sections - which hosts a 43-101 mineral resource of 120,000oz @ 10gram gold. Does the company plan to do any further exploration work on its gold prospects this season?

[14:10] Closing comments

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Update: Zephyr Set to Drill BHT Target [TSXV: ZFR][OTC:ZPHYF]

Zephyr Minerals Update

Loren Komperdo, President & CEO stated, "We are very pleased the MLRB ruled in Zephyr's favour and now look forward to drill testing our highly prospective BHT targets which show many strong similarities to the BHT deposits in Australia. To the best of our knowledge this is the only BHT target in North America. BHT deposits, can be world class deposits with the holy grail of mining, large tonnage and high grade. This an exciting time for Zephyr shareholders."

Eskay Mining - Compelling Junior Explorecos [TSXV:ESK][OTC:ESKYF]

We are undoubtedly in the midst of a bull market in gold (over $1860USD), and in recent days, silver (over $22USD) has started to gain traction as well hitting multi-year highs. Governments around the world have started the printing presses and there is no sign of them cooling down anytime soon.

I've known about Eskay Mining for a couple of years now, but never really took a serious look at it until PDAC, where Dr. John DeDecker presented a re-interpretation of previous drilling - which he thought was wrong. Very interesting! I still wasn't sold though, not because of the geological explanation, but, at that time, COVID was hitting the markets hard any seemingly looked like the exploration season could be at risk, and pretty much tuned it off for a few months.

However, what caught my attention again last month, in June, is that the company closed a private placement (approx. $2.75m) to conduct a full geophysics program to identify/re-fine targets for drilling later on this season. That was good to hear - and told me that we would see exploration this season. As such, I decided to buy stock on the open market this month as the story seems to be unfolding and in my opinion, the company is taking steps to increase the chances of making a discovery, which I will outline.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Metallis Resources - Compelling Junior Explorecos [TSXV:MTS][OTC:MTLFF]

We are undoubtedly in the midst of a bull market in gold/silver - precious metals market. Governments around the world have started the printing presses and there is no sign of them cooling down anytime soon.

Gold majors and intermediate producers have done very well thus far and are hitting multi-year highs; and in the recent weeks we've witnessed many junior gold explorers gain traction as investors start to come into the markets.

I recently spoke with the company's Corporate Communications Manager (Peter Oates) and he set me up to chat with Dave Dupre, the company's VP Exploration and Dr. Abdul Razique, the company's Chief Geologist to go over some of the aspects of the Kirkham Property which lies in the heart of the Golden Triangle.

I have bought this stock on the open market this July, and have owned the stock in the past several years, on excitement on the potential prospects of nickel extending from Garibaldi Resource's Nickel Mountain project. However, Metallis has a lot more than just the nickel prospect, which is often forgotten.

This article will detail the upside potential and exploration methodology that the team plans to execute this coming season - with the focus being on the 7.5km Hawilson Monzonite Complex, which could host the potential for a large bulk-tonnage gold/copper porphery deposit.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Evergold Corp - Snoball and Golden Lion, July 2020 [TSXV: EVER][OTC:EVGUF]

I first wrote about Evergold Corp at the end of April in a series called Compelling Junior Explorecos. Since then, the precious metals market has taken off, sumer has rolled around, and the share price is up 83% ($0.49 in April at time of writing to last Friday's close of $0.90. Most importantly, the company has begun it's work on both it's flagship properties, Snoball and Golden Lion.

The company has done an excellent job keeping it's shareholders up-to-date with various interviews, news releases and media/video to go with them. [Evergold Photo Gallery]