Friday, July 31, 2020

Zephyr Minerals - July 31, 2020 Interview with CEO & President Loren Komperdo [TSXV: ZFR][OTC:ZPHYF]

Interview with Loren Komperdo, CEO & President of Zephyr Minerals - Recorded on July 31st, 2020:

Interview Contents & Questions

[0:12] Zephyr is preparing to drill the El Plomo section of its’ Dawson-Green Mountain Property in Colorado. What type of deposit does the company hope to discover?

[1:04] What are some of the key characteristics of the El Plomo section that make it similar to a Broken Hill Type deposit?

[2:40] The company will drill its first holes near historically drilled GC8 and GC9, what evidence is there that a mineralized deposit may sit just underneath those holes?

[4:18] The company is showing an interpreted fold and is planning to drill into this fold – can you explain why this is important?

[5:33] GC8 and GC9 are shown to have mineralized intercepts that either had Zinc or Lead+Silver, but not Zinc, Lead and Silver together. Would this be expected in a Broken Hill type deposit?

[6:16] Mapping was done in 1988 on the El Plomo section which identified 35 prospects along the entire trend. What was found in these prospects and do you believe they could be related to the Broken Hill type target underneath?

[7:42] The 3D Inversion model shows multiple targets at GC8/9, the mid-section and GC1/2. Could a Broken Hill type target form multiple deposits across several kilometers?

[9:03] Could you give us an update on drilling preparations and when you think the company will start drilling? How long do you expect it would take for the company to drill the first couple holes at GC8 and GC9?

[10:21] Would you be able to visually identify if you’ve “hit” a Broken Hill type deposit on the first few drill holes?

[11:08] Upon a discovery, what would the company’s next steps be?

[12:00] The company also owns the Green Mountain and Dawson sections - which hosts a 43-101 mineral resource of 120,000oz @ 10gram gold. Does the company plan to do any further exploration work on its gold prospects this season?

[14:10] Closing comments


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