Sunday, June 20, 2021

Golden Triangle 2021 - Exciting Months Ahead

The summer drilling season is kicking into full gear, some companies have already started, and many more are expected to flip the switch on their drill rigs in the next few weeks.

I tabulated some planned exploration meters from companies across the Golden Triangle, and my thoughts are there will easily be 250,000 meters drilled, as there was in 2020. This is with my incomplete view of companies operating in Northwest BC.

Key points:

1) The labs will likely be slow again - although many have stated they have increased processing capabilities. Time will tell, but I am skeptical

2) Drill rigs - if you don't have a drill rig by now signed on, you're likely out of luck. Perhaps.

3) We're in a bull market (don't let the last few weeks fool you!), there will be more money pouring into this special place of the world, and a lot of attention.

4) There WILL be discoveries this year, pay attention and watch these companies (and others I may have missed). Another Newfoundland (NFG) style discovery, in the Eskay Camp (ie: like Eskay Creek 1.0) will have a similar effect, in my opinion.