Monday, July 12, 2021

Golden Triangle 2021 - Three Blue Sky Potential Companies to Watch

We're now in the middle of July, which means the summer field season is in full swing for almost everyone in the Golden Triangle, for those that are serious about advancing their projects & hoping to deliver discoveries which will move the markets.

Most, if not all of the gains (which can be often multi-baggers) of company's are found during the months of July-November in this part of the world. The rest of the year is typically spent doing the hard work in the back-offices doing planning, geological work, interpretation, and financing. It's work that is super important, under-appreciated but nonetheless is critical for the success of these companies during the short exploration seasons which typically last from June/July through to sometimes November.


Here are my three favourite exploration plays for this summer, why I think they deserve some time to review & companies which I personal have holdings in:

In addition to the rationale above, each of the company's check the following very important boxes:

1) Fully funded drilling program for meters announced - YES!

2) Top-notch geological team - YES!

3) Management aligned with shareholders - YES!

4) Multi-bagger potential - absolutely YES!

5) My personal expectations to see initial results by September 1st - I think its very likely, YES!

See my longer articles on each of these companies here:

1) Enduro Metals -

2) Metallis Resources -

3) Eskay Mining -

Disclaimer: The author is not a registered advisory service and does not give investment advice. The author currently has a long position in: Enduro Metals, Metallis Resources, Eskay Mining and may buy more or sell its position at a later date. Mango Research and Management Inc., an affiliate to Enduro Metals, is a sponsor to this blog. Our commentary is an expression of personal opinion and should not be construed in any manner whatsoever as recommendations to buy or sell a stock at any time.