Sunday, October 3, 2021

Golden Triangle 2021 - October Updates - Opportunity Awaits

It's that time of the year for exploration companies in the Golden Triangle - the mid to end of the season is quickly approaching for the majority of the companies in the area.

In general, companies in the area have not had any kind of excitement, and that's due to a couple reasons:

1) A very poor gold market with most gold stocks including the majors down ~25-30% since the highs of 2020 as gold moved from $2100 to $1750

2) There have been significant lab delays for almost all companies operating in the golden triangle with some companies noting significant backlogs at core-processing. In June, I tallied a drill-program total of over 250,000meters for the area, which is now likely over 300,000meters. [

Yet, there is a lot to be excited for - sentiment is in the dumps in this sector, and has typically been a good indicator of when bottoms can be located. Central banks continue with record stimulus, interest rates at or near 0%, and inflation creeping up with growth fading (stagflation) - this should be a big catalyst for miners and commodities in the coming months.

Once results start pouring in from the 300,000meters being drilled from the area, there's bound to be a discovery or two which brings back the excitement in the area. Discoveries which can deliver multiples of current market caps. With prices of these companies and sentiment at lows - it may be worth a look at some of these companies. In early July, I outlined "three-blue-sky potential companies to watch" - - these three companies have yet to put out any assays out.

Don't forget that the Golden Triangle is known for insanely high grade deposits, such as the past producing Eskay Creek mine, and the current producing Brucejack Mine - which has just delivered 7 more intercepts of over 1,000gram per tonne gold!

If you have not been watching the golden triangle stocks recently - here are some updates I've compiled [View Full-Size Version of Summary] or click the image below.

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