Saturday, November 13, 2021

Things that make you go HMMMM Golden Triangle [ESK.V][MTS.V][GGI.V][SKE.T]

Things are starting to get REAL interesting in the Golden Triangle with Eskay Mining clearly on track for a major discovery (or rather, major discoveries).

Drill Highlights from Eskay Mining's latest press release... importantly all these holes are from stockwork feeder part of the system and not the massive sulphides - so my personal expectations are to see much high grades with 93 holes pending assays.

  • 26.0m grading 1.9 gpt Au and 367.7 gpt Ag (6.8 gpt Au eq) within 47.77m grading 1.3 gpt Au and 287.4 gpt Ag (5.2 gpt Au eq) within 140.28m grading 0.9 gpt Au and 123.2 gpt Ag (2.6 gpt Au eq) in hole TV21-63.
  • 24.09m grading 2.2 gpt Au and 374.0 gpt Ag (7.2 gpt Au eq) within 44.41m grading 1.5 gpt Au and 236.0 gpt Ag (4.7 gpt Au eq) within 92.3m grading 1.1 gpt Au and 124.0 gpt Ag (2.7 gpt Au eq) in hole TV21-54.
  • 14.17m grading 3.3 gpt Au and 37.2 gpt Ag (3.8 gpt Au eq) within 30.41m grading 2.1 gpt Au and 25.9 gpt Ag (4.7 gpt Au eq) in hole TV21-47.
  • 8.70m grading 3.4 gpt Au and 115.4 gpt Ag (5.0 gpt Au eq) in hole TV21-52.

While we wait for more assays though, I started to think about the area in general - like in Newfoundland, New Found Gold appears to have the best grounds, as does Eskay Mining. But both regions are very much under explored and I can't help but just go HMMM and share some of those.


1) Highly silificied feldspar porphyry with sulphide mineralization
2) Sulfide stockwork feeder mineralization encountered in recent drilling at Jeff target
Source: Eskay NR, Metallis NR - 2021 season (both unassayed)

Can you guess which core is from Metallis and which is from Eskay?

Why does the core look so similar?

(Disclaimer: Not a geologist, so I really dont know what to make of them looking nearly identical to me - both of these photos are found in respective company's NRs in the past 4-5 months)


MTS/GGI have not put out SKYTEM results, but ESK has outlined a western anticline across Garibaldi and Metallis Lands, overlapping with Eskay grounds.


Are all these anticlines prospective for VMS?

Metallis Resources VMS Targets [Source:]

Rhyolite Ridge:
Gossanous mudstone and Rhyolite lenses
VMS Target

Dike Swarm:
Felsic dikes in Hazelton group rocks
VMS Target

Coincident Mag, Resistivity and gossan
VMS Target

Coincident Mag, Resistivity and anomalous geochemistry
VMS / IOCG Target


"Prospective Hazelton Group rocks"

"The Lower Jurassic Hazelton Group, host to the Eskay Creek Precious and Base Metal Volcanogenic Deposit"

How much Hazelton do you see immediately west of ESK claims owned by MTS?

What kind of rocks surround the highest grade intercepts at Garibaldi? Hazelton Group.


Makes you go HMMMM

It'll be exciting as the Golden Triangle gets more attention. A success for one company in the area is a success for the entire region.


Disclaimer: The author is not a registered advisory service and does not give investment advice. The author currently has a long position in:  Metallis Resources, Eskay Mining & Garlibaldi Resources and may buy more or sell its position at a later date. Our commentary is an expression of personal opinion and should not be construed in any manner whatsoever as recommendations to buy or sell a stock at any time.